We will:
  • attend to you in a prompt & friendly manner
  • take time to understand your particular requirements
  • supply products that will suit the application and perform well
  • resolve any problems to the best of our ability
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Entrance Hardware

The hardware in your entranceway gives your guests their first impressions and makes a statement about you and your home. It can be traditional and stately or convey an impression of understated elegance. It can be sleek and slim, square and chunky or stylish designer. It can stand out and shout “look at me!”

There are a wide variety of lever handles, knobs, gripsets and pull handles available, which, when teamed up with the appropriate latchs, locks, deadbolts, roller bolts and escutcheons, please the eye and makes your home safe and secure.

Finishing touches such as house numerals and letters, gate hinges and latches, letter plates, newspaper rings, door knockers, door bells, kickplates and door stops and holders help to turn your home into a welcoming haven for yourself, your family and your friends.

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Passion.  Our point of difference.

We have a genuine point of difference which benefits our customers.  A true PASSION for what we do.
We believe that our passion for hardware distinguishes is what us from others.
There are other companies who simply sell hardware. Our passion means we want to provide YOU with the best solution. 
"Passion: is a very strong feeling about a (person) or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm for something."
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Door and Architectural Hardware can be a confusing subject.  We have detailed product knowledge and can provide satisfying solutions to your problems.  Our advice is helpful and costs nothing.
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