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Products We Can Supply

Access Control Systems
Adaptor Plates
Art Deco Door Furniture
Art Deco Knockers
Art Nouveau Door Furniture
Awning Sash Spurs
Bail Handles
Ball Catches
Ball Knobs
Ball Tip Hinges
Ball Tip Loose Pin Hinges
Bannister Brackets
Bannister Stanchions
Bar Fittings
Bar Handles
Barrell Bolts
Basketweave Handles
Bathroom Hardware
Bell Buttons
Bell Pulls
Bell Push Buttons
Bell Turns
Biometric Access Systems
Black Iron Hardware
Bow Handles
Broad Butt Ball Bearing Hinges
Broard Butt Hinges
Butt Hinges
Butterfly Hinges
Button Tip Ball Bearing Hinges
Button Tip Hinges
Button Tip Interfold Hinges
Cabin Hooks
Cabinet Handles
Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet Knobs
Casement Fasteners
Casement Stays
Cavity Slider Deadlocks
Cavity Slider Door Pulls
Cavity Slider Handles
Cavity Slider Locks
Cavity Slider Passage Latches
Cavity Slider Privacy Latches
Centre Door Knobs
Chest Handles
Cleat Hooks
Coat Hooks
Combination Latches
Counter Flap Hinges
Covered Escutcheons
Cowl Handles
Cupboard Handles
Cupboard Pulls
Curley Casement Fastener
Curley Window Stays
Curtain Accessories
Curtain Draw Cord Weights
Curtain Finials
Curtain Rod Brackets
Curtain Rod Centre Brackets
Curtain Rods
Curtain Tie Backs
Cylinder and Turn
Cylinder Sliding Case Locks
D Handles
Designer Handles
Digital Locks
Digital Locksets
Disabled Access Systems
Disabled Washroom Signs
Door Accessories
Door Bells
Door Bumpers with Hook
Door Chains
Door Chains
Door Closers
Door Edge Flush Pulls
Door Furniture
Door Grilles
Door Handles
Door Hinges
Door Holders
Door Knockers
Door Magnets
Door Pulls
Door Push Plates
Door Seals
Door Stays
Door Stop/Holders
Door Stops
Door Studs
Door Throws
Door Viewers
Double Acting Springs
Double Ball Catches
Double Cylinders
Drop Handles
Dummy Escutcheons
Dummy Handle Fixing Mounts
Dummy Hinges
Dust Excluder Socket Springs
Electric Mortice Locks
Electromechanical Locks
Electromechanical Strikes
Electronic Door Closers
Electronic Door Controls
Electronic Locking Systems
Electronic Locksets
Electronic Mortice Locksets
Emergency Releases
Entrance Handles
Entrance Handlesets
Espagnolette Knob Sets
Espagnolette Lever Sets
Euro Cylinder Dead Bolts
Euro Cylinder Roller Bolt Locks
Euro Cylinder Sash Lock
Euro Cylinder Sash Locks
Euro Cylinders
Euro Locks
Euro Profile Locks
Exit Devices
Extended Throw Barrel Bolts
Falling Butt Hinges
Fanlight Catches
Fanlight Operators
Fanlight Stays
Finger Plates
Fingerprint Locks
Fire Exit Devices
Fireplace Surrounds
Fitch Fasteners
Five Lever Dead Bolts
Five Lever Key Blanks
Five Lever Sash Locks
Fixed Pin Hinges
Flat Keepers
Floor Mounted Door Stops
Floor Springs
Flush Bolts
Flush Drop Handles
Flush Overlay Hinges
Flush Pulls
Flush Rings
French Door Catches
French Door Furniture
French Provincial Door Furniture
Gate Hardware
Gate Latch Sets
Gate Latches
Georgian Door Furniture
Georgian Knockers
Gravity Drop Sliding Door Pulls
Hand Rail Brackets
Hand Reader Locks
Hasp & Staples
Hat & Coat Hooks
Hinge Fit Door Stops
Hinge Handles
House Numbers
Indicator Bolts
Intercom Systems
Key Accessories
Keyless Entry Systems
Keypad Locks
Knob Latches
Knob Locks
Knob Privacy Locks
Ladies Washroom Signs
Letter Flaps
Letter Plates
Letterbox Numbers
Lever Handles
Lever Latches
Lever Locks
Lever Privacy Locks
Lift Off Hinges
Lion Head Knockers
Magnetic Catches
Magnetic Door Stops
Masterkey Systems
Mens Washroom Signs
Mortice Latches
Mortised Flush Bolts
Nail Flush Bolts
Necked Door Bolt
Newspaper Holders
Newspaper Rings
Octagonal Knobs
Offset Barrel Bolts
Oval Escutcheons
Oval Knobs
Overhead Doorstops
Pad Exit Devices
Panic Bolts
Panic Latches
Parliament Hinges
Passage Sets
Patio Locks
Picture Rail Hooks
Plate Handles
Plunger Floor Holders
Pole Hooks
Porcelain Hardware
Privacy Hardware
Privacy Indicator Bolts
Privacy Locks
Privacy Sets
Pull Handles
Push Bar Exit Devices
Push Bars
Push Catches
Push Plates
Quandrant Stays
Radius Latches
Railway Shelves
Rebate Kits
Rebated Tubular Latches
Recessed Handles
Reeded Knobs
Reverse Barrell Bolt
Reverse Necked Barrel Bolts
Right Angle Keepers
Rim Latches
Rim Locks
Ring Knockers
Rising Butt Hinges
Robe Hooks
Roller Bolts
Roller Bolts
Roller Catches
Roller Stay Door Arresters
Rose Adapters
Safety Latches
Sash Drops
Sash Fastener Latch
Sash Fasteners
Sash Lifts
Sash Pulleys
Sash Rings
Sash Screws
Screen Door Latches
Security Door Bolts
Security Door Guards
Security Window Bolts
Self Closing Cabinet Hinges
Shelf Supports
Ships Bells
Skirting Fix Doorstops
Slide Bolts
Sliding Door Pulls
Soap Dishes
Solid Spindles
Split Rail Fasteners
Split Spindles
Spring Barrel Bolts with Chain
Spring Loaded Step-On Door Holders
Square Entrance Handles
Square Roses
Stainless Steel Door Pulls
Stair Fittings
Stair Rod Brackets
Stair Rods
Surface Mounted Flush Bolts
Surface Mounted Panic Bolts
Swipe Card Access Systems
T Hinges
Taylor Spindles
Tear Drop Handles
Telescopic Stays
Three Lever Key Blanks
Three Lever Sash Locks
Thumb Latch Sets
Toilet Indicator Bolts
Toilet Roll Holders
Tooth Brush Holders
Top Hat Sockets
Towel Rails
Towel Rings
Trunk Handles
Tubular Entrance Handles
Tubular Mortice Latches
Two Lever Sash Locks
Vestibule Locks
Victorian Door Furniture
Wall Mounted Door Stop/Holders
Wall Mounted Door Stops
Washroom Signs
Window Fasteners
Window Fittings
Window Locks
Window Stays
Wooden Handles
Window Hardware
Wooden Knobs

If what you are looking for is not listed contact us.
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We believe that our passion for hardware distinguishes is what us from others.
There are other companies who simply sell hardware. Our passion means we want to provide YOU with the best solution. 
"Passion: is a very strong feeling about a (person) or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm for something."
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