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Hardware - "the jewellery of the house"

Well chosen hardware has been described as the jewellery of the house. It enhances both the external and internal appearance and adds value to the house.

The following is from “Decoration of Houses” by Alexandra Stoddard:

“Hardware, often overlooked, is a significant part of the decoration of houses. Though its function is primarily practical, it is the jewellery of a house, affecting both the appearance and feeling of rooms.”

Hardware comes in a wide variety of forms, designs and materials. I urge you to study these details in your travels and exploration just as you do architecture. You may become as interested in and gratified by the shiny brass ornaments for doors, cabinets and furniture as you are in ancient Greek arches and columns and Palladian windows. The more aware you are that hardware is an essential element in interior design, the more you’ll pick up ideas and inspiration to use in your house. Everywhere you go, hardware – the hinges, faucets, knobs, backplates, key escutcheons, drawer pulls and the fixed pieces on furniture legs called sabots – tell a story of the people and places you encounter.”

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The finely crafted “Classic” range of traditional electrical switches and plugs are imported by Handles & Brass.
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Passion.  Our point of difference.

We have a genuine point of difference which benefits our customers.  A true PASSION for what we do.
We believe that our passion for hardware distinguishes is what us from others.
There are other companies who simply sell hardware. Our passion means we want to provide YOU with the best solution. 
"Passion: is a very strong feeling about a (person) or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm for something."
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Door and Architectural Hardware can be a confusing subject.  We have detailed product knowledge and can provide satisfying solutions to your problems.  Our advice is helpful and costs nothing.
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